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Welcome Note

Welcome to the world of plenty and more than enough,
where nothing is missing, and nothing is broken.

Dr. H Q Nala - Founder and Senior Pastor and Pastor Judith “Ntoh” Nala worship leader and song writer

Dr HQ Nala is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Rebirth Family Centre located in the City of Durban, South Africa. Rebirth is known as a City of Praise and a Home for Everyone. He has also founded Tehillah ministry in ....

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We as Nala Mandate Ministries believe that the Word of God is above any philosophies, ideologies and any other human reasoning. N.M.M. is an apostolic and prophetic ministry that seeks to speak God’s heart and balance the message to our generation with relevance to the time. The main mission of N.M.M. is to provide a covering to every ministry that is within our spiritual tribe. We view ourselves as a spiritual tribe as much as there were twelve tribes in Israel of which each one had a different mandate.
Our foundational scripture is II Corinthians 11:28 “Besides the other things, what comes upon me daily is my deep concern for all the churches”. God spoke to me about rightly dividing the Word of truth and to study to show oneself as approved. If I were to call our generation by a name, I would call it “Out of context” generation because we seek to interpret verses whereas we should be finding the principle in whatever we read from the Word of God. I believe the principle is universal but the interpretation varies according to peoples’ understanding and ideas.

We seek to inspire you to break away from this world’s system and live in the new world (system); the world plenty and more than enough where nothing is missing and nothing is broken.

Yours in the kingdom
H.Q. Nala


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a world of plenty and more than enough, where nothing is missing, and nothing is broken.

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